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Cleaning And Disinfecting For The COVID-19 Virus

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COVID-19 Cleaning

After All Cleaning and Construction is Houston’s number one cleaning specialist. We are in the business for years and have been performing high-standard cleaning services all around Houston.

With the start of 2020, our work has become more challenging due to the COVID-19 virus. It is a pandemic that has impacted the whole world, and now we all have to take necessary measures to stay safe. Recent studies suggest that Coronavirus may remain active on surfaces made from different materials for hours. Therefore cleaning of exposed surfaces in households and community settings followed by disinfecting services is the best option to prevent COVID-19.

All Cleaning and Construction is offering cleaning and disinfecting services to homes, schools, hospitals, stores, and businesses. From the surfaces to the inside air, everything needs to be infection-free; otherwise, it may affect people in contact.
To provide our loyal clients with quality services, we have introduced high tech and modern disinfecting techniques. All the services offered by us are as per the guidelines of CDC, and we only use EPA approved disinfectants.

Our team consists of professionals who are specifically trained to deliver COVID-19 disinfecting services at your doorstep. We take our client’s safety very seriously; therefore, we have given the whole team with specialized training to fight COVID-19. They come in uniforms wearing full-face respirator masks designed to prevent viruses with sanitized equipment to perform cleaning and disinfecting services.

We have taken a pledge to fight against the novel virus by keeping every household, school, hospital, etc. of Houston clean and healthy. We consider this our duty to keep you safe and secure in this global pandemic. In addition to this, at After All Cleaning and Construction, we do not compromise on quality. This is why we only use high-quality disinfectants that stay active on the surface even when it has dried out.

Our Deep Cleaning and Virus Sanitation Service

Good hygiene is crucial in creating a safer environment for people residing in different places. The virus can stay for weeks on the surface, and people who are infected can sometimes not show symptoms until 14 days. It is important to take precautionary measures before the virus outbreak.
After All Cleaning and Construction is a trusted company for prompt and door to door effective cleaning service. We are committed to the work we do, and with deep-clean services, you are getting more than disinfecting services: We offer:

• State Of The Art Technology

We are using high-tech tools and disinfectants in fighting against the Coronavirus. To provide a productive workplace for your employees and a safer environment for your loved ones, we partner with leading suppliers in cleaning solutions.

• CDC Approved Guidelines

We follow CDC guidelines in preparing our cleaning team for delivering COVID-19 disinfection service. All the supplies and equipment are EPA registered to ensure protection and prevention from the virus.

• Highly Trained And Certified Team

We hire certified employees and train them as per the guidelines of the CDC before sending it to your vicinity. The team is well taught and knowledgeable about COVID-19, so your place is in safer hands.

• Awareness And Visibility of Cleaning

We also aim to create awareness with our service to prepare our clients for the COVID-19 precautionary measures. A clean environment also encourages peace of mind, and our cleaning teams ensure a healthy and safe image of the workplace or household for our customers.

• Cost-Effective Cleaning Service

We offer high-standard cleaning and sanitation service at very cost-effective prices without compromising on health, safety, and environment. The priority is the well-being of our customers before anything else.

• Clinical Waste Disposal

We dispose of all the wastes once the surface is much cleaner, and the environment is disinfected. To prevent reinfection, we dispose of cleaning material and waste as clinical waste.

Cleaning and Disinfecting Service Booking

After All, Cleaning and Construction understands that this pandemic situation is very stressful and challenging for everyone. People are concerned about themselves and their loved ones, and we care about everyone. Our virus sanitation service is designed and equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques required to keep your environment clean and healthy.
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